Application For Modification To An Occupational License
Application For Modification form OL 21
Dealers Support Group
(818) 758 9951

Continuing Education
Class Fee  $120.00

For Dealers with License to re-new required every 2 years
If you do not have your Renewal form
Application for Renewal of License ( OL 45 )
Wholesale-only under 25 cars a year ($10,000 Bond)
OL 56, $50,000 Bond Exemption Application (Wholesale-Only
Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual
Registration Procedures
Red Flags Rule
Federal Trade Commision

Report of Sale/Temporary License Plates  
How to Register
To register your dealership for the system. Please send an email to
and provide the following information:
Dealership Name, Owner Name, Owner Email Address,
Best Phone number to reach Owner
Once this information is received, further communications on  
registration and eventually access to the system will be provided by
subsequent email communications

Effective Jan 2019
National Motor Vehicle Information System
Assembly Bill No. 1447
AB 1447
Request for Additional Dealer Plates
OL 22

Occupational Licensing
Industry News

OLIN 2018-03

Report of Sale/Temporary   
License Plates Status