Dealers Support Group

Can I get Retail Dealer License without renting an office?
No, for Retail Dealers License you need office space with minimum 2 cars display area.

Do I need to rent office space for wholesale license or can I operate from my house?
Yes, depending on county that you live in, some areas allow you to do business form your home with some

How much bond do I need and how much does it costs?
For Retail License you need $50,000 bond and the costs varies depending on your credit (usually around $800 with good credit rating). For wholesale License $10,000 bond if you are planning to sell less than 25 cars a year, and
$50,000 bond for wholesaler selling more than 25 cars a year.

As far as limitations of doing business what is the difference between Retail and Wholesale Dealer License?
One of the most important difference beside requirements to get license is that,  Dealer with wholesale license can
only sale to another Licensed dealer and not to a retail customer, but with Retail License dealer can sell to both
retail customer and another dealer.

Which License do you recommend for someone new in car business (Retail or Wholesale)?
You can be successful with either one of them, but usually wholesale car business is recommended to people with
some car business background.

The Dealer Education Class Certification is good for how long and when do I receive the
actual Certification?
The Dealer Education Class is good for one year from date of attending the class, and you will receive it at the end
of the class.

How long after I take the class I will receive my Certification?
You will receive your Certification same day at the end of the class.

How do I get Dealer License Package (Application)?
Download them at the DMV Website or this website Click on Useful-Links

I have more general and specific questions about car business?
When you attend the class all of your questions will be answered by knowledgeable instructor, who have been in ca
r business for over
30 years.
Commonly asked Questions?